How do I buy a data package?

After creating an account and opening the app, you will select your location, choose the data package you’re satisfied with and purchase it. 

How do I use my data plan?

When purchasing your eSIM plan, you can choose to activate it immediately or later to match your arrival at a new destination. 

When using your new data plan, ensure your Data Roaming is enabled.  

How do I check how much data I have left?

Go to the ZIM app dashboard to check how much data you have left. 

What happens when I run out of data?

ZIM will let you know when you’ve used up 80% of your data. So make sure to top up before you run out.

To buy another data plan, go to the ZIM app Home page, choose your new data package and purchase it. 

As you can see, buying a new eSIM data plan with our app couldn’t be easier. We want you to enjoy your travels without worrying about being connected. 

Join us in the future of connectivity

Download ZIM the App, click the link below.


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