How to Activate your eSIM on IOS?

Step 1

Download and scan the QR code. Then customise your plan following the instructions. 

Step 2

Select ZIM as your default line for data when you arrive at your destination. 

Step 3

Go to your Settings > Mobile Data > ZIM, then switch on Data Roaming.

Step 4

That’s it! It might take a few minutes, but once you see the data bars, you’re all set!

Also, please see the list of compatible iPhone models. 

● iPhone XR (model A2105, from 2018) 

● iPhone XS (model A2097, from 2018) 

● iPhone XS Max (model A2101, from 2018) 

● iPhone 11 (model A2221, from 2019) 

● iPhone 11 Pro (model A2215, from 2019) 

● iPhone SE (model 2020) 

● iPhone 12 

● iPhone 12 mini 

● iPhone 12 Pro 

● iPhone 12 Pro Max 

● iPhone 13 (dual eSIM) 

● iPhone 13 mini (dual eSIM) 

● iPhone 13 Pro (dual eSIM) 

● iPhone 13 Pro Max (dual eSIM) 

As you can see, iPhone users, it’s all straightforward. 👌

Join us in the future of connectivity. 

Download ZIM the App, and click the link below.


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