As we approached the release of ZIM the App, we came to terms with a big issue. Our past logo and brand identity didn’t reflect our Values and what ZIM stands for.

In late November, our COO, Giulia, and our Head of Digital, Nick, assembled a team of extraordinaire creatives and embarked on a two-month-long rebranding journey.

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Once we sat at the table and started thinking of what ZIM meant to us, we understood it was time to let go of the old Navy Blue and let new colours bring life into the Company.

We shaped ZIM on the principles of freedom, connectivity, community, and customer eccentricity, offering the latter a transparent and easy to use digital solution.

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Most of the time, it’s not about re-inventing the wheel but understanding why it works so good. We don’t like to think we came up with a new Brand Identity, but we just helped unravel what was concealed behind dark colours.

We didn’t stop there; we are expanding our graphic universe because every community has its symbols, and we are no different.

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Now at ZIM, we live life in technicolour, and while we are very close to fulfilling our promise to connect you everywhere at all times, let the Purple Dawn begin.

Follow Zim Connections on our socials. Our goal is to keep people connected, everywhere, at all times.

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