We’ve all heard about the Maldives. 

Pristine beaches, above-water villas, clear-as-the-blue-sky waters, these islands are well known for being a luxurious getaway. 

There’s plenty to do, and each island is best suited for specific activities. 

Are you visiting to relax? The resorts are five-star accommodations, lavish and immaculate. You’ll feel the stress leaving your body. 

Discovery? Explore the underwater basin that surrounds the Maldives. It’s full of life, vibrant and captivating. 

Maybe you’re travelling with family or a partner. There are various activities perfect for couples or even children, everyone is catered to. 

You’ll want to choose the right island. 

The island that will make your trip unforgettable.

You can’t go wrong with any of the Maldives, but with our guide, you’ll enhance your vacation, making it an experience of a lifetime. 

Amilla Maldives – Best for Loungers 🏖

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If relaxation is your goal, Amilla Maldives is a no-brainer. 

This haven embodies tranquillity. 

Malibu-style beach houses, private pools, secret beaches. 

Stress doesn’t exist here. 

Dine with Your Feet in the Sand

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Amilla Maldives has several outstanding dining experiences you can choose from. 

At East, South Indian cuisine is the speciality. 

Order from a selection of delicate spices, curries, and traditional desserts. 

South Indian cuisine is known for its variety and diverse foods, and East is no different. 

Your taste buds will dance as you take in the flavours. 

Sit back, savour them, and relish in your moment on Amilla.

Barolo is an Italian restaurant overlooking the ocean.

The menu consists of juicy grills, fresh vegetables from their organic garden and delicious homemade pasta. 

Dine at Barolo’s while watching the yachts sail across the gentle waters. 

It’s passion-infused cuisine with an incredible view.  

The Italians say “La Bella Vitta”, at Barolo’s you would be living just that. 

One of the coolest things at Amilla is the stone oven at Joe’s Pizza

Pick a crisp base, sprinkle on some cheese, add fresh vegetables and, of course, some tender meat. 

Stick it in the oven and watch it bake. 

The ultimate comfort food in the most comfortable setting. 

Chow down on your self-made pizza while taking in the sights and sounds of Amilla. 

You may want to have your food on the beach. 

Amilla’s “Dine by Design” is a lovely experience. 

Have a picnic on a spit of land emerging from the ocean.

It’s your own private island to enjoy. 

Or have your dinner under the stars. Organise for a table on the main beach. It’s a gorgeous view. 

You’ll realise, food tastes better in paradise. 

Sleep to the Sound of the Waves

Amilla Maldives’ “glamping” is best described as luxury meeting nature. 

The bubble tents are climate controlled, waterproof, and you’ll get a 360-view of the island’s beautiful tropical scenery. 

The tents are nestled in between the jungle’s foliage.

Secret and secluded, you’ll have all the privacy you need. 

Get the whole relaxation experience by requesting the “Bubbles and Stars” package. 

You’ll be served canapés, champagne, and receive a foot massage with organic island-grown coconut oil leaving your pressure points stress-free.

What makes the Maldives so stunning is its natural beauty, so immerse yourself through this extravagant camping respite. 

A memorable rest for any visitor.  

Cruise as the Sun Sets

Hire a boat and set sail as the sun gently falls to the horizon. 

The soothing sounds of the waves, the marine life you’ll encounter. 

Accompany this with some food and drinks, and you’ve got an excursion you won’t want to end. 

Make this outing personalised with your own marine biologist ready to point out any sea creatures. 

The variety of species you could see is impressive. 

Pods of dolphins are common, keep your eyes peeled. Bottle-nose, spinner and stripper dolphins can be seen diving in and out of the water at this time. 

Manta rays, turtles and even whales are known to breach the surface in the evening. 

The scene is picturesque. 

Enjoy this with family, friends, a partner, or even alone. 

Regardless, a sunset cruise on Maldivian waters is a must before you depart Amilla. 

Baros Maldives – Best for Snorkellers and Divers 🐠

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There is no wrong place for snorkelling or diving in the Maldives. 

But if you had to choose one that stood above the rest, it might be Baros Maldives. 

A reef anyone can enjoy, fish of every colour, and the clearest waters you’re likely to witness. 

Explore the House Reef

A house reef just 20 metres from the shore, and it’s teeming with marine life waiting to be explored. 

This reef extends 4km long, it’s one of the largest in the Maldives, and it’s so easily accessible even beginners can enjoy it. 

Learn about the creatures you’ll see by attending a 20-minute fish identification class. 

You’ll know what to look for before you head out. 

You can expect an array of fish, sea turtles and even sharks (don’t worry they’re harmless) call this reef home. 

The reef is so large you could swim around for hours and continue to spot new animals. 

You won’t get bored of this marine adventure. 

Float above the vibrant reef. Let yourself be gently swayed by the water as you watch life happen below. 

Brave the Night Snorkel

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The same reef offers a very different adventure once the sun goes down. 

You’ll need a bit more snorkelling experience for this excursion. 

Get yourself a flashlight and a buddy with a flashlight before heading out.

We’ll explain why.  

Nightfall means a host of nocturnal marine life comes out to play. 

Anemones, fluorescent coral, nudibranchs and other micro marine animals are only visible at night.

This is because their natural colours are restored by your flashlights. Shine your light on them, and they’ll re-emit a fluorescent glow. 

The reef may even seem more alive at night. 

There are more colours than in the day. 

The reef turns into a disco ball, and the creatures dance around it. 

The collection of colourful lights is a sight to behold. 

Experience Five-Star Scuba Diving

For those wanting to get up close and personal to the larger Maldives’ marine life, scuba diving in Baros is like none other. 

Leave the house reef and venture out to one of the 30 world-class dive sites around the island. Plan your dive depending on what you’d like to see. 

The reefs all offer something a bit different. Some are larger than others, which means a deeper dive, depending on your experience. 

Also, they don’t all attract the same fauna. 

Plan your dive around spotting tuna, moray eels, barracuda, manta rays, lionfish and many more. 

The underwater habitats are well kept and unspoilt, making the marine life comfortable with visiting the area. 

These are five-star diving expeditions with rare marine animals all in the same place. 

Try them, you’ll agree that it’s some of the best scuba diving in the world. 

Niyama Maldives – Best for Families 👨👩👧👦

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You’ve got a large family, a couple of toddlers, a teenager and a spouse who just wants a break. You’re thinking there’s no way the Maldives will satisfy all your needs. 

Enter, Niyama, the most family-friendly island of the bunch. 

Active Families Take Your Pick 

For the sporty families, those who get up early in the morning to seize the day, Niyama has some high-adrenaline activities for you. 

Maybe your family has a couple of athletic teens, adventurous pre-teens, or you all love to spend time together getting involved. You can pick from a selection of water activities. 

You’ll have the perfect conditions and the most beautiful sunny backdrop for these sports. 

Beginners, intermediates, and experts can all sail the catamarans around the island. Feel the wind in your hair as you carve through the soft waves.

Learn how to windsurf with the VDWS-certified instructors. They’ll teach you all you need to know, so you can go out on your own and catch the winds. 

Feel like a superhero and hop on a flyboard. They’ll thrust you up in the air as they shoot water back into the ocean, spread your wings and fly. 

If you’re lucky enough to try these activities for the first time in Niyama, enjoy them to the fullest. Create memories that’ll last forever, by having fun together on this island, as a family.

Drop Your Kids off Here

Niyama’s Kids’ Club is the best of all the islands. Drop them off for a day, and they’ll want to keep coming back. 

There are so many activities it’s impossible to get bored. Your children and even older kids will find something to do. 

In the jungle, surrounded by tropical palms, is the circus-themed Kid’s Club playground. 

Your kids will burn their seemingly endless energy climbing up and riding down the slides. The club has a trampoline, splash park, mini climbing wall, game room, and even a tennis court for some light family competition. 

Your children’s picky eating habits will be fulfilled by the gourmet kitchen. They’ve got a menu designed to accommodate younger palates. 

Do your youngsters and yourselves a favour by leaving them at this childrens’ paradise. 

Your Maldives vacation just got better because when your kids are happy, you are happy. 

You Don’t Even Need to Leave Your Villa

The Maldives islands are well known for luxury. If you’re a family that likes to just chill out together, Niyama has got you covered. 

The Maldives’ resort villas are all spectacular, but Niyama’s have a couple of details that make it extra special. 

Choose a villa on the water or one along the beach. Regardless, you’ll be experiencing the epitome of luxury. 

Outside, each villa comes with a private pool, outdoor tropical showers, a swing bed and a giant ceramic bathtub to soak in surrounded by nature. 

Inside, each room is kitted with a king-sized bed, an entertainment system with LED TV, Bose surround sound and the funkiest detail, a popcorn maker. Enjoy a light, healthy snack while you take in the rays outside on your swing bed. 

Of course, you’re not going to travel to the Maldives and stay in your villa all day. 

But if you had to, pick Niyama. Staying in all day never sounded so good. 

Milaidhoo Maldives – Best for Couples 💕

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No Maldivian island gives off that intimate aura quite like Milaidhoo. 

This island will make you and your partner feel like you’re the only two people on earth. 

Milaidhoo is tailored to couples and is undoubtedly the best island for a romantic getaway. 

Find Peace at Serenity Spa

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The two of you are probably already at ease on this tranquil island. Take your relaxation to another level at the Serenity Spa

Milaidhoo’s quiet confidence comes from the soothing energy its guests exude. The Serenity Spa definitely has something to do with that. 

Stroll over with your partner and pick from four over-water treatment suites. The local healing plants are combined with therapeutic traditions from East Africa. 

Have the skin on your face revitalised through a moisturising facial massage. Undergo a deep tissue massage and give your body a much-needed stress relief. 

Let your body succumb to the holistic treatments offered here. 

After your treatment, book a yoga session, loosen your body and stretch out any remaining tensions. 

Do all this with a serene view of the blue sky and clear ocean. 

You two will leave here contributing to the peace that floats around this island. 

Date On Top of the Water

If you and your partner enjoy activity-based dates, there is an option that isn’t disruptive to the peace on Milaidhoo. 

You’ll be exploring the house reef, which some argue is one of the best. It’s an activity where you can bond with your partner without being submerged underwater. 

Rent out a couple of clear-bottom kayaks and paddle away. 

You’ll be able to see all the happenings of the reef below through your kayak. The glass bottom will give you a clear visual of the manta rays, turtles, nursing sharks and of course, all the gorgeous fish. 

Listen to the sound of the ocean lapping your kayak as you paddle alongside each other over the vibrant house reef. 

They say Milaidhoo’s marine life is extra friendly because of the lack of motorised water activities. 

You and your partner may come in close contact with the sea creatures that call this reef home. 

You’ll be glad you left your suite for this. 

Share this unique adventure with your partner, a memory etched into your hearts. 

Get your Popcorn Ready 

Milaidhoo brings some of your home comforts to the island through this everyday activity. But you’ve never done it like this. 

You’ll have your feet in the sand, under the night sky accompanied by your loved one. The scene is set for another once in a lifetime date. 

Organise a movie night on the beach or on a stretch of white sand, a private island to yourselves. Pick a movie, a comedy, a drama, maybe a rom-com to set the mood, and a large projector screen will be set up at your chosen location. 

No screening is complete without snacks. You’ll be treated with some crispy homemade popcorn to munch on while you watch your film.   

If you ever need a refill, the friendly staff are not far away, ready to cater to your every need. 

It’s a movie night the two of you won’t soon forget. 

For couples, Milaidhoo will nurture a new affection for one another. 

The island’s environment will foster your relationship, and through the various activities, perhaps the partnership might blossom into something new. 

These Islands are Magical

If you’re looking for a sunny getaway, whether you’re with your family, partner, or by yourself, hopefully, this guide has opened your eyes to the Maldives. 

As you can tell, the islands have something for everyone. You can put your feet up, get active, bond with your family or enrich your romance. 

Check your availability, make some plans, talk it over, and this piece will guide you in the right direction. 

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