Sometimes the best way to travel is to hop in a car and push on the gas pedal. 

Pass through the little towns with so much character. 

Leave civilisation, see the countryside, nature as it’s meant to be. 

Drive through the big cities and take in all the rich culture. 

A road trip is a great way to travel and create experiences that are impossible any other way. 

It’s a classic American pastime, embodying what America stands for, freedom.

The freedom of the road, the freedom to stop whenever and wherever you want. A great way to see the United States. 

We’ll guide you on the best way to go about your Great American Road Trip. 

The Great American Road Trip Fly Drive Holiday Itinerary

Day 01:

New York arrival

Day 02:

New York

Day 03: Driving Distance: 240 mi / 390 km

New York – Philadelphia – Washington, D.C.

Day 04:

Washington, D.C.

Day 05: Driving Distance: 429 mi / 690 km

Washington, D.C. – Gettysburg – Niagara Falls

Day 06: Driving Distance: 240 mi / 386 km

Niagara Falls – The Great Lakes – Detroit

Day 07: Driving Distance: 283 mi / 455 km

Detroit – Chicago

Day 08:


Day 09: Driving Distance: 574 mi / 923 km

Chicago – Mississippi River Crossing – Sioux City

Day 10: Driving Distance: 354 mi / 569 km

Sioux City – Badlands – Mt. Rushmore – Deadwood/Rapid City

Day 11: Driving Distance: 390 mi / 627 km

Deadwood/Rapid City – Bighorn Mountains – Cody

Day 12: Driving Distance: 65 mi / 104 km

Cody – Yellowstone

Day 13: Driving Distance: 337 mi / 542 km

Yellowstone – Grand Teton – Salt Lake City

Day 14: Driving Distance: 268 mi / 431 km

Salt Lake City – Bryce Canyon

Day 15: Driving Distance: 367 mi / 590 km

Bryce Canyon – Lake Powell – Grand Canyon – Flagstaff

Day 16: Driving Distance: 252 mi / 405 km

Flagstaff – Seligman/Route 66 – Las Vegas

Day 17: Driving Distance: 270 mi / 434 km

Las Vegas – Mojave Desert – Los Angeles area

Day 18:

Los Angeles area

Day 19: Driving Distance: 177 mi / 284 km

Los Angeles area – Malibu – Santa Barbara – Shell/Pismo Beach

Day 20: Driving Distance: 244 mi / 392 km

Shell/Pismo Beach – Carmel / Monterey – San Francisco

Day 21:

San Francisco

Day 22:

San Francisco departure

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For some this might look daunting so if you want to visit only America’s top attractions, we’ve shared them with you below. 

New York City

We’re going east to west, so Day 1 is in the city that never sleeps, New York City. Historical monuments, entertainment, great food, you name it, New York’s got it. 

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Synonymous with America, the Statue of Liberty is a structure that represents freedom and justice and is the perfect way to start your stay in the city. Visit this iconic statue before anything else. 

A Broadway show is another must-see. The Lion King is an obvious choice, running since 1997, it’s a spectacular production. But you should scour the boulevard and find a show that appeals to you. There are plenty of impressive displays to choose from. 

You’re in Pizza Town, so there’s no way you can leave without having a New York City pizza. Well known for having the best pizza in the country, New York City has a plethora of restaurants waiting for you to try their pies. Pay homage to the city by having one during your stay. 

Washington DC

Washington DC, it’s right next door and only about a three-hour drive from New York City, so stop by and visit the nation’s capital. 

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Theodore Roosevelt gave this place its current name in 1901. It’s arguably the most famous house in the world, The White House. Don’t you want to see how the President of the United States lives? Book a tour and explore the home of one of the most influential people in the world. 

Lawmakers and politicians decide what goes on in the country here, Capitol Hill. It’s an impressive building and an important one to the United States. Explore the different rooms, check out the biggest library in the world. Go and see the symbol of democracy in America. 

Mount Rushmore

Allow yourself 3-4 days to make it here. It’s over 1600 miles to this granite colossus. The founding fathers of America are carved into Mount Rushmore. See the expert craftsmanship for yourself.

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It’s as remarkable as it is large, 60 feet of granite carved by dynamite is Mount Rushmore. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln are the faces carved into the mountain. They represent the first 130 years of American history. It’s a masterpiece you need to witness. 

Yellowstone National Park

Switch up the historical monuments for American nature. Your first experience should be here at Yellowstone National Park. 

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Yellowstone is home to over 200 species of animals, including grizzly bears, elk, and bald eagles. You will almost certainly see bison. These 2,000 lbs animals are the largest mammals in North America. Yellowstone is also famous for its hydrothermal features, and the beautiful colours they display are definitely worth the trip. 

Grand Canyon National Park

For more breathtaking American nature, you’ve got to make a stop at the Grand Canyon National Park. It’s a 277-mile long geological wonder. 

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If you’re the active type, try hiking some of the canyon, you’ll get the most spectacular views of the gorge. The Colorado River runs through the canyon, so hire a raft and float down the river if you’re up for it. Or, if you just want to pass through, all the routes are scenic, just sit back and enjoy the landscape. 

Las Vegas

Not too far away is a city that some recognise as the entertainment capital of the United States. Las Vegas is similar to NYC in that nobody ever sleeps. 

No alt text provided for this image

Mandalay Bay Beach is open to everyone, even non-hotel guests. If you’re on this road trip with kids, they’ll love the wave pool. But if you’re just trying to relax, you can hire out a bungalow, lie down, and catch the desert sun’s rays along the 11-acre shoreline. 

Vegas is a non-stop party, but you’re just passing through, so you need to hit the essentials. The Strip, also known as Las Vegas Boulevard, is a light show like no other. Take a selfie at the Vegas sign, play some arcade games or be dazzled by Michael Jackson ONE. The Strip is a playground, and the fun is limitless. 

Los Angeles

We’re nearing the end of the road trip, and it wouldn’t be complete without the city of angels, Los Angeles. It’s one of the most visited cities in the world for good reason. 

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Hollywood, where the celebrities get commemorated for their exploits. Your favourite actor probably has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Promenade down the boulevard and see if you can spot some familiar names. You’ll definitely also run into some spirited street performers ready to entertain. 

If you’re a fashionista and enjoy the finer things in life, then Rodeo Drive is the place for you. There are over 100 famous high-end stores here, it would be easy to get lost in all the grandeur and charm. Experience some of the high life and stroll down this glamorous street. 

Well known for its world famous beaches, one, in particular, you need to visit while in LA is Venice Beach. It’s eccentric, colourful, and busy; you won’t know where to start. Amble down, and you’ll come across street entertainers, cafes, the skate park, and plenty more. Bask in the California sun while being surrounded by so much life. 

San Francisco

The road trip ends here in a city with old-school renaissance vibes. You could say LA is mainstream, and SF is more “chill”. An eclectic city, San Francisco is a joy. 

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Its most famous landmark is almost 2 miles long and is made of steel. It took four years and over $35 million to construct, the Golden Gate Bridge is San Francisco’s pride. Get to Battery Spencer on the north side of the bridge for a great picture. If you want the full experience, get out of your car and walk across. Appreciate the work done to create this man-made behemoth. 

Many know this city as the birthplace of the LGTBQ liberation movement. The riots at the Stonewall Inn were a catalyst for equal rights, and the inn will forever be immortalised because of it. It’s worth visiting for its historical significance, but they also make a great IPA if you’re thirsty. 

You’ve now gone coast to coast and experienced America in what some would say is the purest way. 

You’ve seen the history, the nature and the culture. 

A trip like this would be remembered for a lifetime, so cherish the memories. 

Travel is a beautiful thing, not only do you learn about the place you’re visiting but you’ll learn so much about yourself.

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