ZIM is an organisation built by travellers for travellers. 

Perhaps the first archetype of the traveller was the nomad.

A nomad is a member of a community without fixed habitation. Constantly on the move, looking for new pastures. 

In the past, these were our ancestors, searching for food, shelter and new lands. 

We’re far removed from that lifestyle, but even now, there are those among us who carry those traits. 

A need to wander, not stay stagnant. A restlessness that keeps them moving from place to place. 

We’ve identified four cities that are perfect locations for nomads to visit. They are good for a quick pit stop in and then out.   

1) Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

The financial hub of Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City, is modern, vibrant and full of culture. 

Advanced Technology and Remote Work

Ho Chi Minh City is experiencing a technology surge. 

Now you can find high-speed internet connections at every corner cafe. 

Tech startups are popping up everywhere, so much so that even Richard Branson has called this city the next Silicon Valley. 

There are few better places for nomads who are tech savvy and are involved with starting up businesses. 

Ho Chi Minh City is a great host to nomads who thrive off remote work and like to be efficient with their time.  

Amazing Food

Just like the culture, Vietnamese food is rich and varied. 

There are endless selections in Ho Chi Minh City, vegetarians and meat lovers alike will enjoy the choices at their disposal. 

It’s not an understatement to say the city is an all-out buffet. 

You need to try some of the rice and noodle-based dishes, like Com Tam, Vietnamese broken rice with grilled pork chop and shredded pork skin. And Vietnamese noodle bowls filled with crispy tofu, springy noodles, fresh veggies and a sweet & tangy dressing. 

You can round it all off by treating yourself to some Che, a traditional Vietnamese dessert. It’s served warm but is sweet in flavour. 

Easy Access to other Places

Another aspect of Ho Chi Minh City that nomads will love is its accessibility to other great attractions. 

An hour’s drive away, and you can be at the Mekong Delta with a river that stretches all the way to the Himalayas. Also, an hour away is Phu Quoc island, and a quick flight will get you there. 

You’ve got to see it to believe it, the Cai Be floating market in the Mekong Delta is as chaotic as it is impressive. 

Who doesn’t love a beach with white sands and crystal clear water, you can find just that at Sao Beach on Phu Quoc island. 

And one of the more strange but fun places to visit is the Upside Down House in Vung Tau, only a two-hour drive from Ho Chi Minh City. 

2) Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Off the coast of the Western Sahara is this beautiful Spanish island known for attracting remote workers all year round. 

Favourable Remote Work Community

Gran Canaria’s perfect weather can take the credit for the influx of nomads. 

Also, there are plenty of co-working spaces across the island, many right by the beach, and they’re all fitted with high-speed internet, perfect for remote workers. 

As aforementioned, nomads travel here all year round. There is a sense of community among them, everyone having their own goals to achieve; there is a togetherness in that. 

Great weather, silky white beaches and many other remote workers to keep you company. Hard to beat Gran Canaria. 

Excellent Beach Life and Water Activities

The stunning beaches on this island cannot be ignored, with each having its own claim to fame. 

Some are best for strolls across the sand, and others for water activities. 

Visit the northeastern tip of the island to find Playa de Las Canteras, a three-kilometre beach with calm, clear waters, excellent for snorkelling. Only a five-minute drive away is the lesser-known Playa de las Alcaraveneras, great for sailing and canoeing. 

Avid surfers will want to try the waves at Playa del Confital. The full force of the Atlantic Ocean crashes here. For most, and understandably so, a calm day at the beach is ideal. Relax at Playa de Melenara. It’s quiet, not crowded with tourists, and you’ll get the authentic Canarian beach experience. 

Perfect for Staying Active

Again, the weather here is responsible for people being out and about. 

It’s conducive to staying active, walking, cycling or even skateboarding around the island. 

One of the best places to explore on your bike is Avenida Maritima which connects the fishing village of San Cristobal, a fantastic spot for seafood with Playa de las Alcaraveneras. 

If you want to see a bit of the historic centre, stroll through Triana. Authentic buildings and architecture can be found there, and it’s also really good for shopping. 

There aren’t many better options than a promenade along the Paseo de Las Canteras with a view of the beach and a refreshing ice cream in hand. The ideal summer stroll. 

3) Seoul, South Korea

There are cities around the world that never take a break. They never sleep. New York comes to mind, so does Vegas. Seoul, South Korea, is one of them too. 

Lively Entrepreneurial Spirit

Seoul is becoming well known as a dynamic place to do business. 

Its young entrepreneurial population and advancements in technology are key factors in this. It also helps that Seoul has the fastest internet in the world. 

Seoul’s 24-hour lifestyle is another aspect that attracts business to the city. Co-working spaces are open day and night, making it easy to work remotely, especially with clients in awkward time zones. 

Nomads can come here, get work done any time of the day and hit the city. 

Grab some delicious food, hit some of the bars and get an earful of K-Pop or admire some of the rich history in this futuristic concrete jungle. 

Royal History

If you’re visiting Seoul, you must pay tribute to its rich monarch history. Now, it’s a modern city and maybe ahead of its time, but it never forgets the past. 

The oldest and most famous of the palaces is Gyeongbokgung Palace. It was built in 1395 to mark the official change to Seoul being Korea’s capital. 

Arguably one of the most beautiful places in Seoul is Changdeokgung Palace’s secret garden. They strictly regulate visitors to keep the serenity and peace within the grounds. 

The last king of Korea, Gojong, lived in Deoksugung Palace after the Japanese invasion in 1592. Walk down its elegant stone-wall road and witness the palace in all its glory. 

Fantastic Food

A lot of the Korean delicacies enjoyed by tourists and locals now have existed for over 2000 years. They used to only be consumed by the royal family. Thankfully for us, this has changed, and now Korean food is popular worldwide. 

If you’re wandering the city’s streets and come across Tteokbokki, try it. It’s rice cake, fish cake, garlic, salt, sugar, and vegetables, all stir-fried in a sweet and spicy chilli sauce. Quick and delicious. 

Another Korean staple is Samgyeospal. Lift a chunky pork slice and place it on a grill at the dinner table. Fry it till it’s nice and juicy, then wrap it in lettuce and dip it into some sauces. It’s a popular dish among young adults. 

You can’t leave Seoul without trying its fried chicken. It’s coated in sweet and spicy sauce and then double-fried in vegetable oil. It’s a crispy treat usually enjoyed late at night. A little junk food to cap off a hard-working day. 

4) Buenos Aires, Argentina

Nomads are drawn to the biggest city in Argentina for its vibrant Latin flavour. An infectious energy flows here throughout the day and into the night. 

Valuable Governmental Support

Buenos Aires would be a good landing spot if you’re looking to launch a business. There is a large expat community and a well-established co-working environment. 

One of the big advantages of starting a business here is the support you get from the government. 

If the Buenos Aires government establishes your startup as one that will benefit the city, it will offer subsidies and projects such as IncuBAte. There are plenty of local startups in the city. 

Nomads and entrepreneurs understand more than most that getting help at the beginning stages of a good business idea is significant in keeping the company alive and growing. 

Nomads can come to Buenos Aires with the dream of starting an organisation. They’ll receive the help they need and enjoy the city while they’re at it. 

Spectacular Nightlife

Buenos Aires comes alive after hours. People visit this city because of its well-known nightlife; the energy is palpable. 

Try the bars in the city’s oldest neighbourhood, San Telmo. They are full of character, order yourself a drink and take in the experience. 

One of the most gay-friendly cities in Latin America is Buenos Aires, and the nightlife reflects that. Go to Palermo and catch an animated drag show at Sitges. 

For the nightclubs, visit Niceto Vega; it’s a street littered with them. Three of the most popular are Club 69, Makena Cantina and Terezas del Este. 

Club 69 is an LGTBQ club, and it’s wild. Think stage dancers, lots of colours and partying all night. Makena Cantina is great for live music, and Terezas del Este is right by the beach. Feel that refreshing sea breeze while you’re dancing the night away. 

Spirited Culture

To get the full Buenos Aires experience, you’ve got to participate in some of its cultural pastimes. 

Polo was brought to Argentina by the British in the 19th century. Its popularity rose and is now part of the culture. Buenos Aires is widely considered to be the best place to watch this traditional sport. Come during the polo season and witness the spectacle at the Palermo Polo Ground. 

If you enjoy theatre, one of the best venues in the world is Teatro Colon. Even if you’re not a fan of shows, it’s worth experiencing this iconic building. Tickets are available from £50, go and see why it’s world renowned. 

It would be a sin to visit Buenos Aires and not try and learn the tango. It originated in this city, evolved around the 1880s. Lessons are easy to come by. Sign up and test your coordination. You’ll tell your grandchildren about this someday. 

Nomads need cities that are well suited for their needs. They are agile, need to be time efficient, but also love to experience a new place. 

All these cities satisfy the needs of a true nomad. 

A nomadic life isn’t for everyone, but it does have an appeal. 

Travel the world, meet new people, and do things you’ll never forget. 

Hopefully, this piece helps in guiding a nomadic traveller to any one of these magnificent cities. 

Their lives are enviable. Perhaps we can learn from them that life is about experiencing as much as you when it’s possible.

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