Last month we talked about destinations worldwide that were well suited for nomadic travellers. 

Our theme continues, but this month we’ll discuss what jobs are well suited for nomadic travellers. 

A job taken up by a digital nomadic traveller needs to be non-restrictive and flexible. 

If it requires a lot of equipment, utilities, or in-person interaction, it’s probably not a good fit.

These jobs are mainly for the solo workers on their own path. 

The freedom to work from any place, especially if the work is your passion, is liberating. 

Maybe we’ll inspire you with some of the career paths below. 

1) Freelance Writer

One of the most portable jobs is freelancing writing. All you need is your laptop and some inspiration. 

A freelance writer usually does work for several businesses. The type of work could be writing copy for websites, social media, press releases, emails, or newsletters. 

Maybe the writer even has their own travel blog. 

If you’re thinking of becoming a freelance writer, first ask yourself if you have strong verbal and writing skills. Do you understand different styles of writing? Would you be able to adapt to a brand’s tone and personality? 

If you think you have what it takes to be a freelance writer, you’ll need to start by building a portfolio. People need to see your work and judge your fit. 

Freelancers may work for more than one company, but the content is probably in the same niche. Find a niche you enjoy writing about.

Eventually, reach out to businesses, and hopefully, one of them will give you a chance. 

Writers are essential because they control the voice of a company. How it’s perceived, and how customers react to it. The power of words can sometimes be overlooked. 

Become a freelance writer and realise your influence. 

2) Digital Marketing Expert

You’ll need to be versatile to be a digital marketing expert. They’re in high demand right now in our online society. 

A digital marketing expert is well versed in several marketing fields. These can include content writing, social media, content creation, search engine optimisation, ad creation, strategy building and more. 

The point is, if you want to be an expert, you’ve got a lot of learning to do. 

If you’re creative, analytical, can see the bigger picture and have your finger on the pulse of current trends, then you might have what it takes to be a digital marketing expert. 

Once you’ve gained a grasp of all things marketing, you can specialise. Be specific and stand out from the crowd, whether it’s website building, copywriting, or video editing. 

Advertise yourself as an expert, buy a web domain and share value. Talk about marketing trends, show off some of your skills, and get people’s attention. 

Search for freelancing jobs. Use LinkedIn, niche job boards and networking. You never know what will work. 

As aforementioned, digital marketing experts are crucial to our society. Consumer behaviour is ever-changing, and if we can understand each other, we can better help one another. 

In that aspect, marketing experts are vital to improving lives and, in some ways, bringing happiness. 

3) Content Creator

These individuals are some of the most creative out there. They thrive off getting people’s attention. 

Content creators come in different forms. Maybe they’re skilled at creating video content. Some are adept at producing audio content. Others are talented at developing images, and even writers are content creators. 

Their main goal is to make something that will garner attention and engagement that will send a message and, hopefully, be received. 

We just so happen to be very familiar with a fantastic content creator, Maria Gumamela. 

Her path to becoming a content creator was no easy feat. 

Maria is undoubtedly creative. She’s constantly thinking of ways to be novel and exciting. It’s her passion, and she genuinely enjoys helping people. 

These are some of her strengths that she confesses help with her work. 

She also admits that there was a lot of trial and error at the beginning of her pursuit. 

She started by creating an account and frequently posting. She would come to learn which videos did well and the reasons for that. Constant posting, learning, and researching on TikTok for up to four hours a day are what made Maria who she is now. 

She started as a part-timer, creating content for brands. She built her portfolio and networked with others in her field. 

Experience was gained, confidence was built, and eventually, Maria decided to make content creating her full-time job. 

Now she travels the world doing what she loves; all she needs is her smartphone and her imagination. 

It’s clearly a job that can be done on the move, and with our increasingly online world, the importance of this work has skyrocketed. 

4) Graphic Designer

An eye for a pleasing aesthetic is certainly a prerequisite for this job. Graphic designers create some of the most stunning visuals. 

A graphic designer creates visual ideas to convey a message to consumers. These visual ideas can come in the form of posters, bus wraps, billboards, logos, packaging and many other marketing materials. 

They edit photos, develop layouts for advertisements, and all in accordance with how a brand would like to appear to customers. 

Graphic designers aim to draw attention and accurately portray a brand’s image and personality. 

To learn more about what it took to be successful at this job, we asked our in-house graphic designer, Gessica. 

She explained that her natural curiosity, empathy and work ethic helped her immensely in this field. Also, her ability to visualise a story is crucial. 

She can see the graphic images in her mind before going to work and creating them. 

None of this came easy, though. It took many hours of practice and honing her craft.

Gess would learn from online tutorials and courses and apply their teachings. To this day, Gess still researches relevant material in graphic design so that she’s constantly improving her skills. 

As her confidence grew, she started to network and join platforms for fellow creatives. She found her way to ZIM and is now an essential member of the marketing team. 

A couple of weeks ago, she was in Nice and still creating fabulous visuals for ZIM. 

This job is for the passionate, those who see life as an expression of art. It’s well suited for someone who gains inspiration from travel and experiencing new things. 

5) Music Producer

Do you have an ear for a beat and some natural rhythm in your body? Music producers are responsible for helping people escape the normalcy of life. 

A music producer is a broad term; they have several responsibilities. They’re in charge of the beginning to the end of the release of an artist’s project. They manage schedules and budgets and oversee any collaborations. 

They may even co-write songs and play instruments. 

We’re going to highlight music producers who are hands-on and enjoy creating their own sounds from scratch. 

We recently spoke to a couple of talented producers, Eric Nsangu and Lewis Mcara. 

What they do can’t be seen, only felt. Essentially, they combine different sounds from existing artists, remix and refine them, and the finished product is for consumers to enjoy. 

They operate out of their group WeNomadic. What started as a group of friends just sharing their talents, whether it was music or photography, has now become a large community. 

WeNomadic promotes young artists and encourages them to share their stories wherever they are in the world. 

Eric and Lewis started their journeys as music producers at a young age. 

Both played instruments as kids, had a good ear for music and were tech-savvy. 

Eric’s passion for music production started when a friend gifted him a DJ controller. He would use this for practice. 

Lewis experimented on programs like Garageband and FL Studio, chopping and playing with tunes that went well together. 

Practice and research on YouTube were what contributed to their budding careers. Eric and Lewis watched countless clips of reconstructions of songs, production software and interviews of artists. 

Inspiration, work ethic and passion were vital to pushing these two as they pursued their goals. 

They put themselves out there, established a digital presence, reached out, collaborated with other music producers, and shared their work. 

They stay humble and acknowledge that they are early in their music-producing careers but have big plans. 

One of their favourite things about this job that aligns perfectly with WeNomadic’s ethos is that they can do it from anywhere. 

As long as they have a power adapter and some headphones, they can get to work making sounds that could be the difference in making a bad day a good one for somebody. 

Check out some of their work here.

A nomadic lifestyle is enviable, but most of us believe we can’t partake in one. 

We’re stuck, and some of us are even scared to try and live a life full of adventure.

But hopefully, this piece can prove that it is possible. 

You can work and travel and live that life you never believed was attainable. 

Our ever-evolving world has made remote work feasible and, in some ways, more effective than traditional work environments. 

If you have a passion or a skill that you don’t need many materials for, and you’ve always wanted to explore the world, you can make it happen. 

Digital nomadic travellers are making it happen. Become one. All you need to do is take a leap and bet on yourself.

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