You may have heard about the iPhone 14 being eSIM only (only in the US for now), and you’re wondering why? What is an eSIM? What are the benefits? 

We’ve got the answers. 

What is an eSIM?

An eSIM works exactly like a physical SIM, except it’s digital. You can connect to a compatible wireless carrier and enjoy everything you did with your SIM card. You’ll still have 4g and 5g access. These things won’t change. 

What are the Benefits of having an eSIM?

Apple says eSIMs are more secure. They can’t be stolen like physical SIMs. With an eSIM, you can have several cellular plans on one device. This is useful when you want to try out a different carrier’s network if you’re thinking of switching. 

We have consistently said the future of connectivity is here, and the new iPhone being eSIM-only is proof of that. 

Be a part of that future. 

Try out one of our eSIM plans. Download ZIM the app and check out our plans in over 150 destinations.

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