The ZIM Vision (ZIM)

It all started on a trip to the Philippines. Our founders, Giulia and Irina, had travelled together many times, but they didn’t know that this trip would provide the spark for a new mission. 

After a ten-hour flight, they landed at their destination and did what they always do, get out their phones and let their families know they had arrived safe and sound. Except this time, there was no WiFi or connectivity. After struggling to get online, they left the airport and hunted down the nearest phone shop. “We had never not been able to contact our families.”

While in line for their local SIM, they asked themselves, “why is nobody providing a solution for this problem if we have technologies like eSIM?” “Ten years ago, when you arrived at the airport, you had to queue in line for a taxi. Now, you order an Uber, but how do you do that without the internet?” 

Finding a Solution (eSIM Go)

A lot has changed since the introduction of the SIM card in the early 1990s. Travel has grown from around 1.2 billion to 5 billion passenger trips per year, and more of us want to stay connected while on the move.

In today’s digital world, eSIM makes more sense than little plastic SIM cards.

In the past, travellers wanting to reduce their roaming costs have bought a local SIM or put their device on flight mode and stuck to WiFi where available.

However, using a local SIM forces travellers to lose access to their number and other services like WhatsApp. The other major downside with SIM cards is that travellers are limited to the choices they can find at their destination. And for travellers concerned about carbon footprint, SIM cards are a major turnoff – their production, storage and distribution depletes the earth’s resources and creates tons of plastic waste. 

eSIM expert and eSIM Go CEO Zacchary Couldrick:

“eSIM solves these challenges and more. Most smartphones support multiple eSIMs at the same time, and the voice/SMS service is separated from the mobile data service. This means while travelling, customers can keep their number for voice and SMS but use a local or regional eSIM for cheap, PAYG mobile data. Choice is no problem for eSIM – as eSIM profiles can be easily accessed via an app. And when there’s literally no more plastic SIM card anymore, there’s no more danger of breakage or loss and zero environmental impact either.” 

Giving Travellers what they Need (ZIM)

We wanted travellers to have access to a service that would keep them connected at all times. We didn’t want them to go through what our founders went through in the Philippines all those years ago. A service they could use and never have to worry about staying in contact with loved ones. 

It would be an app with eSIM plans from all over the world. Travellers could download this app, create an account and purchase plans. They would be able to buy and trigger their eSIM before or during their trip and once activated, they’d be online. 

We know what it’s like to travel on a budget, so we would offer eSIM packages at local rates, making them affordable for our customers. For this to happen, we would need to partner with trusted telecom providers. With their help, we could better serve travellers worldwide. That’s why we’re so glad to be partnered with eSIM Go. 

How it Works and the Benefits (eSIM Go)

eSIM Go’s mission is to help companies like ZIM to deliver better connectivity solutions to their customers. ZIM and eSIM Go’s partnership began in 2021 with the goal of easing customers off physical SIM cards to digital eSIMs.

The result is a collaboration that allows ZIM to grow its eSIM offering to customers worldwide. With eSIM Go bringing the expertise, ZIM customers can enjoy the best quality eSIM experience.

ZIM’s own customers talk about how easy and convenient The App is. Take Jonny Ward, a travel blogger and social media influencer who has visited every country in the world. 

“I have tried almost all the eSIMs out there, and I believe that ZIM is the best one available right now. I stumbled upon their website while I was planning a trip and was immediately impressed by the number of countries and plans they provide. Purchasing and installing an eSIM through the ZIM app is an extremely easy process.”  

Looking Ahead (ZIM + eSIM Go)


We are excited to be working with eSIM Go. Irina described eSIM Go and ZIM’s partnership as “one that will push the boundaries of connectivity.” Giulia felt the “close relationship” between ZIM and eSIM Go “from day one.” 

Together, we aim to give our customers the experience they deserve. One that is easy, seamless and full of options. With eSIM Go, Zimmers will enjoy more choice on plans worldwide, access to 5G and a quality service.


The partnership between ZIM and eSIM Go has been beneficial for both parties. For ZIM, to further develop its eSIM offers, and eSIM Go to evolve and expand its technical capabilities.  

Zacchary Couldrick, CEO at eSIM Go: 

“ZIM wants the best for its customers, which drives us to refine our approach for maximum flexibility and simplicity. This is a fast-moving domain, and we are committed to continually improving our technologies and capitalising on new opportunities like 5G and multi-network coverage. That way, partners like ZIM and their customers benefit from a future-proofed eSIM solution.”
Irina Gheorghiu, CEO at ZIM Connections: “Partnering with eSIM Go has allowed us access to even more global networks, broadening our offer and reaching out to more customers. It’s been a genuinely fulfilling business experience. We developed a significant commercial synergy from day one, going beyond the standard provider-customer relationship. Together, we’re making buying a SIM card upon arrival at a new destination a thing of the past.”

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