Here at ZIM, we believe eSIMs are the way forward when it comes to staying connected. We know it’s only a matter of time before eSIMs are the norm for data and communication. Late last year, Apple announced that the new iPhone 14 would be eSIM-only in the US. What does that mean? For starters, it means other telecom companies will be looking to incorporate eSIM technology as well. But it also means that Apple has recognised eSIMs as the future of connectivity. The eSIM is a SIM card that’s already embedded inside your phone. It makes buying and activating a data plan completely digital. More and more phones being released are now eSIM-compatible. The SIM card is slowly being phased out. But why? Why are companies releasing phones with eSIM built in? What makes this new technology better than our trusty SIM cards? eSIMs are cleaner for the environment, they can be lighter on your wallet, connect you to several networks and much more. In this article, we’ll look at the benefits that come with switching to eSIM. We’ll talk about how they differ from SIM cards and, in many ways, make your life easier. We’ll talk about their convenience and impact on future society. We’ll convince you why you should switch to eSIM in 2023. 

1. Easy to Set Up

The first reason why you should switch to eSIM is the setup. Installing an eSIM is near-instant and much simpler than a physical SIM. 

With an eSIM, you don’t need to go to the store, or wait to have your SIM delivered, or use those paper clip-looking things to eject the SIM card slot and then insert it back in your phone. None of that. 

To set up an eSIM, first, you’d buy a plan that suits you, and then you’re sent a QR code. 

You activate your eSIM through that QR code.

For example, if you have an iPhone, you would go to Settings > Mobile Data > Add Data Plan, and then you would scan your QR code. 

It’s just as simple with an Android. Go to Settings > SIM Card Manager > Add Mobile Plan > Scan Carrier QR Code, then scan your QR code. 

If you bought an eSIM plan from ZIM but didn’t have two screens available (one to scan the QR code on the other screen), then you can activate your eSIM manually. 

All you need to do is go to your eSIM settings on the app, copy the activation codes and paste them into your phone Settings, where you’re adding a new plan. 

It’s clearly easier for you to set up an eSIM than to manage multiple SIM cards. That’s just our first reason. There’s more. 

2. Connect to Different Networks 

How do multiple networks at your fingertips sound? Trying out several SIM cards at a time is impossible, but not for an eSIM. 

Have you ever wanted to try a different provider from your own? With a SIM card, you would have to switch it out with another SIM. 

But smartphones can carry up to five eSIM accounts and even have some of them active at the same time. 

Imagine being able to switch between five different networks at will. Depending on the situation, you could connect to one of the several eSIM accounts on your phone. 

If you’re ever curious about another provider’s service, check if they have eSIM plans, and if they do, get one and try it out. 

3. Save Time and Money

I’m sure you’ve gone on a trip, didn’t take into account roaming fees, and then got hit with a hefty bill at the end of it. 

Avoid expensive roaming bills with an eSIM plan from your holiday destination. 

UK travellers after Brexit, this is for you. 

Connect to a local network through an eSIM data plan rather than pay roaming charges from your provider back home. 

It’s not just UK travellers. Research from Alertify.eu shows that the average US business traveller spends $15.10 daily on roaming fees. With ZIM’s local plans starting at only £3, these fees can be completely avoided. 

Time is money, right? As well as being a money saver, an eSIM plan saves you time you could use more productively.

If you have an eSIM plan for your holiday destination, you don’t need to wait in line at the nearest SIM shop from the airport. 

Once you land, you’re immediately connected with your eSIM plan. 

With ZIM, you can plan way ahead and buy your eSIM plan 30 days in advance and have it set up to activate when you arrive at your destination.

Who wouldn’t want to save time and money? Plan ahead, get yourself an eSIM plan, and you won’t have to worry about that large roaming bill that’ll dampen your trip. 

4. Kinder to the Environment 

If there was a way to be more “green,” lessen your carbon footprint and help preserve the environment with minimal effort, wouldn’t you do it?

One of the more obvious reasons you should switch to eSIM in 2023 is to be friendlier to the environment. 

Plastic waste is a real problem. There are currently more SIM cards than people on our planet. Reducing our impact on the environment is a huge benefit the eSIM brings. 

When you think about the manufacturing of physical SIMs, their packaging, and distribution, it’s a lot of waste. 

An eSIM is already embedded into your phone, so your carbon footprint is now much smaller. 

Earth doesn’t always benefit from new technology. Usually, carbon emissions increase with innovation. Not the eSIM. If you switch, you’re helping save the planet for yourself and future generations. 

5. It’s the Future

It’s only a matter of time before eSIMs become the main method of communication. You can be a step ahead of everybody by switching now.

The eSIM takes up much less space than the SIM card. 

In fact, due to its size, some analysts believe the technology will benefit smart city infrastructure. They believe smart street light sensors will account for 88% of eSIMs in 2025. 

More and more devices will begin to add eSIMs. 

Already, eSIMs are used in devices like smartwatches. The Apple Watch Series 5 and 4 and the Samsung Gear S2 and Gear S3 all have eSIM. 

The significance of the iPhone 14 being eSIM only in the US cannot be understated. When Apple adopts a new technology, the world follows. 

You can bet the list of new devices with eSIM will grow as the technology improves. 

Here’s a chance to be ahead of the curve. Switching to eSIM in 2023 means you get to watch as everyone else slowly adopts the technology. Meanwhile, you’re an expert on it and are already reaping the benefits of eSIM. 

Now that we’ve discussed all the benefits of switching to eSIM, the clear main advantages eSIMs bring and why they are going to make SIM cards extinct are their convenience, versatility and future applications. They are undoubtedly more convenient than SIM cards. We, as humans, love convenience. Anything that makes life easier, we’re going to line up and buy it. The eSIMs ability to connect to different networks, allowing you to test out various providers and even have more than one account active, is unheard of. The SIM card could never accomplish that. The eSIM provides excellent value and allows us freedom of choice. Freedom we’ve never had before. Perhaps the most important takeaway from this is that eSIMs are going to complement our future generations. A cleaner planet and smarter infrastructure built for productivity. We should all be excited about this and want to contribute to making it a reality as soon as possible. The question is, don’t you want to better your life? Be a step ahead of everyone else and positively impact our planet? If you switch to eSIM, you’ll be doing all those things. It’s time to make a change, make the switch and travel with ZIM.

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  • Geoffrey Keeys
    23 July 2023 7:48 pm

    Can I buy an eSIM that will allow me to switch an iPhone 13 between 2 networks both in the uk ( Vodafone and O2) and only for use in uk

    • Hey Geoffrey, we have several UK eSIM plans to choose from. Our eSIMs come with a multi-network connectivity feature which means they will always connect to the strongest network available. I’m sure we’ll have a plan that suits you. Download our app and check them out!


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