Choosing the Best Data Plan for Your European Summer Holiday


Planning a summer holiday in Europe can be both exciting and overwhelming. One key aspect that travelers often overlook is their mobile data plan. Whether you’re navigating through picturesque streets, booking last-minute accommodations, or sharing your adventures on social media, having the right data plan is essential. In this guide, we’ll help UK travelers choose the best data plan for their European trip, highlighting the great offers from ZIM that cater to every travel style.

Key Takeaways

  • Affordable Options: ZIM offers data plans starting at just £2.
  • Regional Flexibility: Unlimited data across 36 European destinations for £5.
  • Local Convenience: Perfect plans for single-destination travelers.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Plans include calls, SMS, and data usage.

Regional Europe Plan

The Regional Europe plan by ZIM is an excellent choice for those planning to explore multiple countries. Starting at just £2, this plan covers 36 destinations across Europe. For those who need more data, an unlimited option is available for only £5. This plan ensures you stay connected without worrying about excessive costs, making it ideal for backpackers, road trippers, and anyone moving from one European city to another.


  • Valid in 36 European countries.
  • Unlimited data option for £5.
  • Cost-effective for frequent travelers.

Local Plans

If your travel itinerary involves staying in one country, ZIM’s local plans are perfect for you. Starting at just £2, these plans offer excellent value for money. Whether you’re soaking up the sun on the beaches of Spain or exploring the historic sites of Italy, you can enjoy seamless connectivity without the hassle of switching SIM cards or incurring roaming charges.


  • Tailored for single-destination travelers.
  • Affordable starting price of £2.
  • Hassle-free and easy to manage.

Voice Plans

Staying connected is not just about data; you might need to make calls or send texts during your trip. ZIM’s voice plans, offered in collaboration with Orange, allow you to call restaurants, hotels, or taxis without incurring high charges. These plans include data usage, making them a comprehensive solution for all your communication needs.


  • Coverage across Europe.
  • Includes calls, SMS, and data.
  • Perfect for making local arrangements and staying in touch.


Choosing the right data plan for your European holiday can significantly enhance your travel experience. With ZIM, UK travelers have access to affordable and flexible plans that cater to both multi-destination adventures and single-country stays. Whether you need unlimited data or a reliable voice plan, ZIM has got you covered. Check out the ZIM app and website for more details and to find the perfect plan for your summer getaway.


What destinations are covered by ZIM’s Regional Europe plan?
ZIM’s Regional Europe plan covers 36 destinations across Europe, including popular countries like France, Germany, Spain, and Italy.

Are there any hidden charges with ZIM’s plans?
No, ZIM offers transparent pricing with no hidden charges. What you see is what you get.

Can I switch plans if my travel plans change?
Yes, ZIM offers flexibility to switch plans according to your travel needs. Check their website or app for more details.

How do I purchase a ZIM data plan?
You can purchase a ZIM data plan directly through the ZIM app or on their website.

Is customer support available while I’m abroad?
Yes, ZIM provides excellent customer support to assist you with any issues or questions while you’re traveling.

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